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What Pet Pals Pet Cares Offers:





 Initial meet and greet- 30-45 mins Knowing your pet approves is peace of mind! Complimentary
 Pet sitting (we suggest 3 visits) Fresh water/food, Giving meds, Indoor plant watering, Fetch your mail/newspaper, Alternating lights and blinds/curtains, Putting out your trash/recycling Variable rates (3 visits/day are suggested)
Walks/Play Time- 20-30 mins Walking, Playing, Fresh water/food and giving meds $18
 Potty Break/Play Time- 15 mins Fresh water/food and giving meds $15
 Cats & Kittens Giving meds, Cleaning litter box, Fresh water/food, Play time and love $15 (Possible extra charge for multiple cats or kittens)
 Other Critters Cages cleaned, Fresh water/food $15 (Possible extra charge for multiple critters)