Yarn spun is handmade, and will inherently have variations in color, texture, and thickness.
· Pet Pals 4ever is not responsible for items lost in transit.
· Pet pals 4ever is not responsible for damage and/or loss of services or materials due to Acts of God, including tornados, floods, equipment damage, etc.
· A $20 deposit is required in order to begin work on the hair. The deposit must be confirmed as legal tender before work will begin.
· Checks returned from the bank with “insufficient funds” are subject to a $40 processing fee.
· Work is begun on a first-come, first served basis.
· Payment is due upon completion of services. Completed items will not be shipped until payment is received and confirmed.
· If, upon receiving the finished goods, the customer believes the product to be substandard or defective, the customer may return it to Pet Pals 4ever and receive a refund for payment, less shipping and handling charges and a 20% service fee.
· You must print out this page, sign it, date it, and include it in the box with your hair in order for Pet Pals 4ever to begin work on your order.
· Any goods not paid for within 30 days of date of invoice become the sole property of Pet Pas 4ever and may be used in any way Pet Pals 4ever deems fit.
· The customer agrees to allow Pet Pals 4ever to take a photo of the completed yarn and/or final product and post said photo(s) on the Pet Pals 4ever website as examples of skeins. Photos will not have any personal identification and will not be used for any other purpose.
· Hair received by Pet Pals 4ever that is moldy, mildewed, insect-infested, or otherwise deemed harmful and/or unspinnable will be immediately disposed of.

The below-signed customer has read and agrees to these terms.

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Address: __________________________________________

City: ______________________________ State: ___________ ZIP: ____________

Phone: (______) __________________________

Email address: ___________________________________________________