The first step is to carefully collect your pets hair. Brush brush brush and send collected hair in a bag…preferably a paper bag or shoebox. If hair is stored in a plastic bag which is not breathable the hair could start felting/matting. This is good to know if you are saving until you have a substantial amount to send me. Please do not send very dirty, damp or matted hair. Fill out the order form . Along with sending your hair please send a $20 deposit and a completed legal form to start the process.

After I receive your pets hair I will sort through. I will also be in touch to let you know I got it and if I need to discuss any thing before moving forward. Once I finish cleaning and drying it I will spin a sample if you would like to see what it would look like. I can send pictures or we can Skype. If you are pleased with the sample then I will finish spinning your yarn.
After the yarn is ready for plying or if you wanted single I will prepare it for cleaning and setting the twist.  Afterwards it will be hung to dry and wrapped into a organized skein And voila!!!…there we have it!

So the steps are…

1- Collect your pet’s hair. not send very dirty hair that has a lot of debris or insects in it…also no matted or damp hair.  As you take the hair off the brush save it! Please keep it in a paper bag or shoebox. When you feel you have collected enough please fill out the  order form .

2-Upon receiving your pets hair I will sort through and weigh it and I will get in touch with you to discuss your needs and…the fiber will be washed and deodorized. -Once dry, the clean fiber is carded in preparation for spinning and plying.


3-I will wash again and hang to dry and set the twist. I can wind it into a ball or send it to you in a skein. Now your fiber is ready!! Creat!!! I can help…please see my keepsake items…. or you can make something yourself.

4- Please allow 4-6 weeks after I receive your hair.

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of creating a keepsake from your beloved pet